Learn to Dance – Five Steps and Tips to Learn to Dance

Is your friend’s party nearing the coveted date? All the partying and dance tunes must be an intoxicating factor that brings immense joy during the party, as you might also be called upon the dance floor to exhibit your dancing skills. Are you not confident about your dancing skills? If you plan to be the… Read More »

Swing Dancing

Swing dancing rocketed to popularity with the advent of the big band, especially during World War II, though it was popular throughout the late 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. The most common types of swing are the Jitterbug and its more difficult counterpart, the Lindy Hop. (The Jitterbug is done on an eight count, and the… Read More »

The Ballet Bible

When I first purchased this book I thought that it would be something fun to share with my students. I collect all things related to dance, knicknacks, posters, DVDs…hence books. When I stumbled upon the eBook online I thought at the very most that it would be a nice addition to my collection of souvenirs.… Read More »