The 10 All Time Unforgettable Mother Son Wedding Songs

Weddings are an amazing celebrations of life, love and family; and part of the festivities revolve around music. There are various customs to mark this occasion and recognize special relationships. One of these time honored customs is with a song that is picked just for them.

Mother son wedding songs and father daughter wedding songs are signature performances that pay tribute to the parent and child relationship and they are an moving tribute to parents from the newly married couple. All parents are profoundly touched by this spotlight moment when they can hear a song that was selected just for them. Many mothers and fathers look forward to this time in the celebration and the words never fail to take on newer and deeper significance.

Here is a list of the top 10 mother son wedding songs for you to take into consideration. Each of these wonderful tunes has lyrics and music that capture the never-ending love between a mother and child. Perhaps one of these all time favorites will be one that you might want played at an upcoming family wedding.

“Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion” has become a very famous mother son wedding song. The lyrics are tender enough to make anyone become wet eyed, but the general feeling is one of love and joy.
Who could not be moved by hearing the classic, “Beautiful Boy”, by John Lennon? This is a great selection because every mother who hears it will identify with the strong emotions of parental love and joy.
“Bridge over troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel has been around for numerous years and is still a moving and beautiful song. Parents, and some grandparents, will with no doubt be familiar with this tune from their past. Mother son wedding songs should honor the eternal love between these two individuals and the lyrics of this hit tune do precisely that.

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