Dressing for an Indian

An Anarkali or a fitted Salwar Suit is another option that can be quite interesting for plus sizes. This is a two-piece garment comprised of a long tunic that often reached the knees and fitted pants. The long tunic can be fitted on the bust or can be loose (depending on your preference). The cut of this ensemble is such that it can be easily adapted to large sizes.

The temptation to opt for bling in a wedding is usually quite strong – but resist! Very loud and bright embroidery is going to draw attention to the entire outfit. Used in moderation, this can be a powerful weapon and used at the right places, it can really emphasise the right aspects. Large embroidered patterns are going to stand out, whereas delicate and small repeated patterns (called “butti”) are going to give the outfit an even and balanced look.

Gold, silver or other kinds of embroidery used on the pallu in a saree (the loose end that is often left over the shoulder) or on the hem of the long tunic in a salwar kameez is perfect because it draws the gaze to the parts that need to be emphasised.

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