Itne Khubsorat Larki Pehle Na Dakhe Hoge

By | May 17, 2017

The knotted letter ‘o’ indicates great secrecy. When there is more than one knot or when the oval is “double knotted,” the need for privacy is even more powerful. This form often appears in the handwriting of criminals, who obviously lock themselves in with these knots so (they feel) they will not be found out. When knotted ovals appear throughout the handwriting, we often find a paranoid personality. This person feels that somebody out there is against him and he must lock himself in for protection.
Naturally, the more closed the ovals, the more introverted the individual. When one makes a knot or loop (especially double ones), it means that the letter was not closed tightly enough for the writer. By going over it, he convinces himself that he has plugged all the “leaks.”When the oval is open, the opposite of the closed oval is revealed. Its openness at the topindicatestalkativeness, sincerity. The writer is not bottled up but is thoroughly extroverted.
We often see reclined (leftward) writing with open ovals. Although reclined writing hints at withdrawal and reserve, there is no contradiction. When such a writer is approached, though by

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