Instead of worrying that this simplified form of the saree is replacing the traditional style and that something is being lost, it is necessary to think on the positive side of things. In reality, lehengas are closely related to these traditional Indian garments and by using this simpler version of the garment this cultural style of dress is being preserved and retained, not lost.

Besides being easy to put on, the lehenga choli is also remarkably beautiful. While the fabric itself is lovely, the delicate embroidery adds a distinctive touch and makes it especially attractive and eye-catching. There are several different styles of embroidery, some of which almost entirely cover up the fabric underneath. If one wears this garment to a wedding or other momentous event, it is even more noteworthy.

As with many other types of clothes, there are more modest and less modest styles. This fact sometimes brings contention between the older and younger generations. If this is a concern, the modest styles of the lehenga choli can always be purchased while still allowing one to dress quickly. These modest styles are perhaps even more beautiful than the revealing models. They too are finely embroidered and range in color from pastels to bright tones, just as their traditional rival.

Besides the lovely embroidery work, the ease of putting on and the overall impression of beauty; another benefit is that when wearing lehengas there are several different ways that they can be arranged. A lady can drape the lovely veil over her head or she can merely wrap it around her shoulders. One is free to choose how to arrange her own lehenga choli based on personal tastes or occasions she will be attending. It is hence safe to say that Indian clothes have taken the world by surprise.

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