Avoiding Its Privatization

Still, if not me, then who else can sell, buy, create, or destroy those banknotes? This question should be negligible if what I own is their monetary value rather than the notes themselves. However, if selling, buying, creating, or destroying them can change their individual monetary value, then the same question becomes critical.

Distinguishing the letter “a” from its verbal sound would prevent this visual representation of that sound. Likewise, distinguishing a banknote from its monetary value would prevent this concrete, objective representation of that value.

The resulting confusion (indistinction) between a representation and what it represents must happen to all representations of something dependent on them by something independent from them. Indeed, the letter “a” does not depend on its visually represented verbal sound, or a banknote on its monetary value. Likewise, an electronic account does not depend on its balance, nor a precious-metal amount on its buying power. Anything both dependent on its representation and represented by something independent from representing it becomes indistinguishable from that representation.

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