By | May 22, 2017

The reason that Kinkade hides N’s in his paintings is because his wife’s name is Nancy. When you look at a Thomas Kinkade painting there is a number at the bottom right of the painting that tells you how many of Nancy’s initials are located within the painting. Generally there are going to be a lot more N’s then you might expectIf you are looking to try and find these hidden

N’s you will need to be looking at the large version of the painting first of all. Try looking in the sky, on rocks, on the cabins or in trees. You might also When I realized some mishap is not his fault and apologize to him, he is quick to forgive and forget and bounces right back to his happy and loving self. He doesn’t go to a corner and pout for several hours as I have heard other dogs do.

He immediately moves on, probably hoping I will give him a treat for no other reason than he is so cute! HePico taught me to disregard stereotypical thinking and “never say never”. If a dog, who cannot reason, can learn new “skills” at an age where intelligent humans think is not possible, we humans can definitely do it faster and better at any age. We

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