15 Most Danceable Wedding Dance Songs of All Time

What creates some of the most remarkable wedding moments for everyone present? Why the wedding dance songs, of course. Moving onto the floor as husband and wife, and dancing together as a newly married couple for the very first time is a magical memory that you will never stop thinking about.

There are numerous songs to select from that it is often hard to settle on the perfect one. You might want to select a title that you have listened to on your first date together, or maybe there is a song that the two of you consider to be “yours”. Maybe you have a favorite singer and want to select something that they have performed in the past.

Discuss it as a couple and let the picking of a special wedding dance song be one of your first shared decisions. This is a vital consideration and you will want to give it great deal of thought. Why not listen to wedding music samples from some of your favorite songs and vote on the ones you like the best. Next, after you have narrowed a larger field of pickings the final selection might be easier.

When it comes to all time favorite wedding dance songs there are some that have gained a place in the souls of millions. Here is a list of 15 top wedding dance song selections that you might want to investigate. You are certain to find some that will produce the mood and the moment that you are dreaming about.

Elvis Presley is the King of Rock and Roll and most of his songs have been performed for that first dance as man and wife. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” is an classic, but it has never lost it’s tender emotion over the years. If you want a romantic favorite this Presley classic is definitely one to consider.

“A Moment Like This” is a newer addition to the wedding dance songs repertoire, but Kelly Clarkson has made this a excellent pick for many brides and grooms. Another of the Golden Oldie Classics is “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers. The melody and lyrics will have the two of you gazing affectionately into each other’s eyes and singing along with this timeless love ballad.

Anne Murray made “Can I Have this Dance?” a top 10 hit and it is still considered one of the best wedding dance songs of all time. Who can stand firm a song that asks if someone can dance with you for eternity? Elton John brought another question to the Best Song List with “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” This is a wonderful song for any couple who wants to slow dance while being serenaded by one of Rocket Man’s top songs.

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