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away but also appreciate it. In return, I will also start thinking for ways I can give back either to them or pay it forward to others. When you are genuinely happy to see people you know, show and/or tell them. When I come home whether I have been gone for 30 minutes or 3 days, Pico is always there at the door, wagging his tail, jumping up and down, ecstatic to see me! He doesn’t care if I brought anything home for him nor does he wait to see my reaction to him before he responds; he is just glad to see me and lets me know it.
think about people that I am happy to see again but too often just get by shaking hands or utter a weak “hi”. When I am really glad to see someone, let them know – I don’t have to jump up and down with joy, but my focus should be to let my friends know I am glad to see them and not in how others might see me as silly if I get too animated or show too much enthusiasm.
Forgive and Forget and Move on. Pico is the most forgiving dog I have known. There are occasions when I had mistakenly harshly chastise him for misbehavior. He will shrink from me with both ears drooping down to show how sorry he is. When I realized some mishap is not his fault and apologize to him, he is quick to forgive and forget and bounces right e pays dividends!

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