Mahi Ve Mohabbatan Sachiyan Ne .

Maha Al Musa-My DVD, of a similar name, Dance Of The Womb, is a take after on from the book. It essentially conveys the book to “life”….women can now effortlessly finish me the move hones just as they are in a close, sustaining space with me holding them easily and elegance through their pregnancy. I unquestionably surmise that the visual portrayal through a

DVD design not just exhibits a thought of my style of instructing and communicating but on the other hand is a brilliant path for ladies to associate with their bodies and their infants. I do surmise that perusing additionally has its benefits and there were unquestionably

difficulties to expounding on move in print! I embellished upon the thought by entwining my own story through the bellydance for birth developments to give it a more profound, more personal background. I think it works exceptionally well as a writer…A moving background!

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