5 Helpful Tips for a Fun Experience With Your New Dance Shoes

Beginner and Intermediate dancers always have thoughts of what to do, and what would be appropriate dancewear when going dancing. Accordingly, you should always bring proper dance shoes when going to any event. After 30+ years of performing and watching from the vantage point of the stage, indeed I have seen a lot of body language and expressions of the dancers. In sharing my experience, it’s important to realize that yes, having a long list of tips will only take away from what can certainly be a fabulous evening of dancing. Here are a few pointers to ease your mind and get you radiating confidence before you walk out the door.

1 Know The Venue: To ease the thought of what dance shoes to bring, it’s always good to ask friends who’ve been to the venue about the floor and dress code. They’ll know first hand which dance shoes and outfit to wear. In addition, this will avoid the uncomfortable feeling of being over or under-dressed and keep you confident, in the VIBE of the party, and smiling all night.

2 Prepare For Casual Dancing: To better enhance your night out, another key point to remember is that there are others who are looking for casual only. Others indeed may be just as nervous as you, and are not looking for unwanted advances. Most dancers just want to enjoy the music and take advantage of their paid lessons, as well as their purchased dance shoes. You may be passing up an opportunity if you are judging a male/female by their looks or dancewear. Therefore, going with the intention to enjoy a nice evening is the best expectation.

3 Be Confident: Of course there will always be others who are more advanced in their techniques. However, be confident in what you know and have learned, the basic steps are the most important part of the dance, not how fancy you can look swinging around like a trapeze artist! Likewise, the more fun and confidence you have, you too will advance your dancing and social skills. Dancing with any person at your level or lower will allow you to share tips and basic moves, and will give you confidence to step up to a fun dance experience. Furthermore, if your intention is to perform at an advanced level, building your confidence will allow your whole being to be happy as your skill level increases and advanced dancers will be looking forward to partner with you and sharing what they know. This is a Win-Win situation!

4 Be Mindful of Others: Oh yes, there’s always those dancers that feel the need to be noticed and Hog the Floor wanting to show off their new dance shoes and the moves they just learned. Although you may learn something by watching, just remember you are there to dance as well as others. If you have the room, no problem. On the other hand, on a crowded floor implement defensive dancing so you do not step on yours or others footwear. More importantly, you do not want to twist your ankle or step on a toe that will end the evening prematurely.

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