5 Steps for How to Lap Dance Without Looking Like a Fool!

gentleman’s clubs. A scantily clad female dancer performs a private strip tease upon request by a patron of the establishment. This is usually done in close proximity and/or direct physical contact with the client, although he is not allowed to touch or have intercourse with her during the performance.

Many women who want to create additional passion in a relationship, offer their lover a special treat or just have a little fun, are learning how to lap dance like a professional stripper. If you’d like to be one of these women, this article includes several steps to include when giving your man a lap dance experience he won’t soon forget!

Step One ~ Music

The first step is to pick the music. The right kind of music is essential to create the right mood. Hip hop and R&B hits usually work well. But any music, from any era, by any artist, that can get you into the right sexy attitude, is suitable for lap dancing! If the music lets you forget your inhibitions, and makes you want to move in a sensual manner, it works for how to lap dance!

Step Two ~ Wardrobe

Most women think that lingerie is the only appropriate attire for lap dancing, and the skimpier the better. But few women consider their bodies to be perfect examples of a man’s ideal fantasy. Let’s face it…most women are very self-conscious when nearly naked. Pick sexy clothing to dance in, yes. But wear clothes that makes you feel good about yourself because you know you look good in them. Sometimes, more is less, and it’s OK to leave a little for his imagination. Halter tops, boy shorts, lacy thongs, camisoles, nightgowns, clingy or flippy mini skirts are just a few good choices…just go with what works for you!

Step Three ~ Personal Preparation

You’ll definitely want to look your best for your partner once you’ve mastered how to lap dance. Invest plenty of time and effort preparing with a long, luxurious bath or shower. Do your hair and makeup. Put on his favorite perfume. Powder, primp, preen and pamper yourself until you feel so sensual that performing a lap dance will feel completely natural! Sexual confidence is all about feeling good in your own skin. So take the time to make the mental and physical preparations that will enable you to do just that!

Step Four ~ Set the Rules

Traditionally, a professional lap dancer has one universal rule. Don’t Touch the Dancer! But you are dancing for your lover, so it may be permissible to bend this rule as some point. Since it does lend a bit of erotic tension to the performance, make him wait for this privilege The longer you withhold yourself from him, the more gratifying it will be for both of you when you finally give him the green light!

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