The 7 Stages of Hotness

We usually think of being hot like any other physical traits: either you’re hot or you’re not. But I like to approach attractiveness differently. I say attractiveness can be learned, harnessed and used for anything you want. And learning attractiveness follows a specific “curriculum” of life lessons – a series of stages that anyone can work through in order to succeed.

The 1st Stage: The Desperate Soul

This is the stage where almost everyone starts. You were 13 years old, and no one wanted to ask you to dance. You were scared. And as you got older, that fear turned into desperation. A desperation that made you shy, awkward and mostly, just lonely. Some people spend their whole lives desperate for attention. Until one day, you become…

The 2nd Stage: The Brave Soul

My own search for true love, attractiveness, “hotness,” began on a dance floor on a Wednesday night, around 10pm. I’ve always loved to dance. My best friend, Andrew, would hit the dance floor at 9:30pm, and he would dance – good, bad, with no one else on the floor but him. He didn’t care. But I cared, and I wouldn’t get out on the dance floor till I had a few drinks. I had to have ‘liquid courage’ to move forward in my own attractiveness.

However, as my nights of dancing continued, I realized that I didn’t need alcohol. My friend Andrew certainly didn’t. So I began bravely venturing to the dance floor sober. And as I did, I got better and better at dancing. Each night, my courage grew. And that courage bumped me into…

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