PRIVATE PERFORMANCE EXCLUSIVE TO PKDANCEPARTIES dabs) or a hitched cloth which he whirls so as to the music. A woman pioneer may have a delicate hankie or scarf. This is for the public debke style. There are additionally performing style debke which is considerably fancier with choreography done by all individuals.

The choreography is involved an essential syllabus and some raks sharki (bellydance) moves. The men are extremely solid in their developments with hopping, quick turning and overwhelming stepping and even vocals. The women then again are gentler and less forceful. The performing style today is blended with more balletic and showy moves.

Debke music is particular. It is a 4/4 with an abrogate of 6. This implies despite the fact that it is 4/4 you include 6 stages every 8 checks of music. There is dependably a heartbeat some  PRIVATE PERFORMANCE EXCLUSIVE TO PKDANCEPARTIES

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