A prime example of the funk being with you is watching ‘The Lockers’ dancing to Swan Lake if you can ever get your hands on the footage or DVD. Swan Lake would not be classed as funk music least by any stretch of the imagination, yet The Lockers are still funky when they dance to its soundtrack and make the performance work.

There are elements to locking that make it work and make it different from other styles. And this leads to why you should learn locking as a style in its own right.

Often elements of locking may be incorporated into a choreography that can include other dance styles but if you wish to learn locking to a high standard you really need to take the time to learn it on its own.

Figure out its structure and grooves, its touches and subtle flavours that make it unique. Once you can see why these elements are in place you can develop a bigger picture and begin to understand with greater clarity what you can bring to the dance.

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