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So, minimum hundred million of educated women of reproductive age was left in the demographic lane. Of course, some of them were lucky – they had the beloved one’s, husbands or just boyfriends. But there are appeared the huge groups of those who had lack of men, because all – the best and the worst of them were already occupied. Of course, those women, left without personal life can stay in the long turn of waiting, sacrificing their women’s destiny to the good luck chance. But better for them were not to wait the wonders, but to make the miracles with their own hands. So the glances of former compatriots, Russian women with the expectations turned towards the western, including American, men. Among those women were the natives from Ukraine and Byelorussia, the proud ladies from the Caucasus and Central Asia, the pale blonds from Baltic countries and the natives from

the depth of Siberia. Although it may seem strange but the two different continents were pushed to each other and mutual communication with the economic crises and instability in the CIS counties. And the developing of the Global System of Internet was quiet a bonus to this entire plot. If, for example, this demographic crises would happen hundred of years ago, it is possible that the sequences of the wearisome wait of the financers from overseas will be doomed to failure. Because there were only the big ships

which cruised between the continents and the high-speed planes were not invented yet. But in the modern days when all the cherished desires may one day come true, there was destined to be establish the bridge of integration and cultural penetration of nations and nationalities through the foreign marriages. Or the inventive God once again decided to mix us from the times of Babylon tower, with so different experiences, languages and genetic databases? Or may be the powerful Universe once again make experiments with us, mixing it genetic cocktail?

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