The Art of Ballet Dancing

By | August 15, 2017

The art of dancing is inspirational for many. Some people who are fond of dancing enjoy themselves by watching amusing dancing performances while others go into the learning of this art. The world of dancing offers a variety of choices such as hip hop, boogie, jazz dancing, break dancing, ballet, salsa and tap dancing that may satisfy tastes of people from different countries including the UK. If one is inspired by beautiful and elegant dancing, one may opt to become a professional ballet dancer.

Ballet is a beautiful art form which people practice for years and years in order to master it. Not everyone can be a ballet dancer or a ballerina. There are very specific requirements with regards to height, weight and coordination in order to learn this art. Thousands of people in the United Kingdom compete with each other to get place in the most prestigious ballet schools around the country.

The earliest forerunners to ballets were lavish entertainments in the courtrooms of Renaissance Italy, who used to base their performances on the social dances of the day which then flourished in France and Russia before spreading across Europe and abroad. Classical form of ballet adheres to traditional ballet techniques and is still considered as the most disciplined of all ballet styles. It was the trained form of dancing with a number of choreographic moves and jumps that were designed to make an artistic expression through elegant dancing. At present expanding from the medieval times, ballet has reached many points in the world.

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