How to Ask a Lady For a Salsa Dance!

By | January 7, 2018

I am just a beginner at salsa dancing but I really like to share with you my experiences while learning this wonder full art called Salsa. One of the things I find very difficult is how to ask a lady for a dance. Where do I start and most important of all what do I say. I know that a lot of people struggle whit this sometimes very realistic problem. Well my instructor Irene Miguel gave me a fantastic explanation that I like to share with you. An easy exercise to build up your confidence you can do everywhere. You walk down the street and just try to make some small talk with completely strangers. In the beginning that feels very uncomfortable but if you do it often enough you will see that it becomes easier every time you do it.

Now back in the club with your new found confidence you approach the lady or guy, because nowadays a lady can ask a guy to dance, and ask her/him for a dance. You can not just drag a a lady on the dance floor,just ask her and if she accepts you are already half way. In the first minutes of your dance you definitely should not give the lady a triple turn or some other difficult move. Dancing is like meeting somebody for the first time, even if you dance with this person for years In normal life you first go for coffee and then you go on a date an hopefully you end up kissing. The point I want to make is that just take it slow build up the movements until you reach the point of what I call the right energy level. From that point on you can do what ever turn or movement you like.

Another great tip that I like to give is when you are sweating during the dance. This is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of because in very crowded steamy clubs that is absolutely normal. Never wipe the sweat of your forehead with your hands,because with that hand you hold the girl. And people find this very unpleasant. Better is to use a tissue or small handkerchief or even better is to were a bandanna if you now that you will sweat a lot All these small things will make a difference between a very popular dance partner or a partner nobody like to dance with. And don’t forget to enjoy Salsa Dancing.

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