Avoid Being Kidnapped

The lukewarm attitude the public has towards security accounts for about 80% of kidnapping incidents that take place. The negligent 20% typically falls under what may be described as victims of circumstances. This is evidently an incontrovertible fact going by a shared common belief that runs as a thread through all circles of security experts and non-security

professionals alike in affirming that the security of oneself begins with him. Regrettably, many of us scarcely bother about security until something happens either to us or in the neighborhood. Thus our complacent mindset towards security appears to be the kidnappers’ best friend and our worst enemy.

Lately, the pages of our newspapers are almost on a daily basis inundated with reports of one kidnapping incident or the other. A most recent case is the kidnapping of a Veritas Catholic University in Abia State, Nigeria – Rev Fr Justin Ukpong whose abductors insisted on either the payment of a ransom of six million naira or have the ailing cleric killed. The armed security guards deployed to stem the rising trend of kidnapping in the South Eastern part of the country then were caught napping and hence appeared helpless to the devil-may-care attitude exhibited by the kidnappers.

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