Why Ballroom Dancing Makes a Man More Attractive to Women

Ballroom dancing is a partner dance and in most situations involves a man dancing with a woman. This isn’t always the case but this article concerns itself with the simple question of whether ballroom dancing makes a man more attractive to women.

First off it has to be said that dancing suffers from a shortage of willing male participants. This alone will make a man more attractive to a woman if the woman is either a dancer or wants to learn to dance. Indeed the author and his good lady met through dancing and romance blossomed although romance need not always be in the air! So for practical reasons alone a man will become more attractive or at least will make himself into a commodity in demand should he decide to become a ballroom dancer.

Secondly, it is often noted that women are attracted to confident men. Ballroom dancing demands that a man be confident and in control after all it’s a man’s job to lead the dance and ensure he makes his lady look nothing less than fabulous on the dance floor. Again this act will indeed make a man who ballroom dances more attractive to women.

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