Belly Dance As a Career

Many people are fanatic about dancing, especially bally dance. And, they enjoy the dancing as frantically as a peacock does. If that’s the case, it’s high time you perfected the art of belly dancing and adopted it as a career to support your livelihood. Imagine to parade around in beautiful attire being the star of the show, traveling places to display your skills, and get the appreciation and good amount of money for your amazing performances.

But in reality, the hardcore truth is that the belly dancing is not a perfect career option for everyone. Though, some of the dancers have been successful in making sufficient profits through this Middle Eastern dance, but majority of professional dancers are still dependent over other sources of income.

So you must give it a serious thought before you choose belly dancing as a career. It is not sufficient to be an excellent dancer to be financially successful. You must have a sound business mind also. More precisely, you should know if how you can find a good dancing job and opportunities to make good money out of it. You have to develop yourself in such a manner that people themselves offer you jobs. You ought to have a good planning in terms of marketing, designing, and management of your performances.

Conditions for success in full time belly dancing

A career in belly dancing can be fruitful only if you are able to snatch a good amount of events at good prices. There are certain conditions that are necessary if you wish to adopt the belly dancing as a full time career option.

” You are at least a moderately skilled dancer.
” You want to run your own business.
” You are good at sales and marketing.
” You are a good organizer.
” You can keep a record of your finances and accounts.
” You are not under pressure for permanent financial security
” You like to travel, even to the places, which are not as glamorous as the tourist spots.
” You prefer enjoying dancing more than being rich.
” You don’t have the family obligations restricting your working nights and weekends, and traveling other places away from your home

Conditions to stick to other financial resources besides dancing

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