Belly Dancing Is Considered

There is a movement called pelvic tucks. Both male and female dancers perform this movement by making small tilting backward pelvic movements to the beat of the music. This is not a sexy movement but a sensual movement as it is being performed without anyone thinking or suggesting sex.

Male dancers are cautioned to never do this movement in a forward manner as it would be too suggestive and sexually threatening. A female may occasionally reverse this movement to a forward position but it is restrained and it does not cause anyone to think sex.

The costume and the choreography are rehearsed and monitored before appearing before an audience. The teacher or the choreographer may change or modify a movement if inappropriate.

An individual may decide to incorporate belly dancing movements mixed with sexy suggestions for their mate in the privacy of their bedroom. This type of dancing is definitely sexy with the intent of building romantic gestures and ending with sexual intimacy. No true dance artist of belly dancing would perform in this manner in a public performance.

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