The Best Ways to Pull Off a Tuxedo

When we think about formal wear, Tuxedos is the name which comes into our mind. It might be little bit tough to decide when to put on a tuxedo. Tuxedos can be worn when the invitation states Formal, Black Tie, Black Tie Invited or Black Tie Optional. It could be worn during opening of the opera, ballet or symphony, Ball or formal dance, Formal dinner party or reception, dinner at a formal restaurant.

Looking elegant in Tuxedos becomes much simpler task when proper attention is given to basic details. Given below are few tips that would help to solve your problem.

The foremost thing that we should keep in our mind is, not all formal wear should be considered as Tuxedos or “tux”. Neither “White tie and tails” nor “cutaways” are similar to Tuxedos. Long back, celebrities used to wear dark suits with weirdly-cut silk lapels and four-in-hand ties to the Oscars. Later, wearing these kinds of outfits became trend, and non-celebrity men started wearing this outfit to their wedding. These outfits also can’t be referred to as Tuxedos.

A tuxedo or dinner jacket is usually black or midnight blue. The jacket may be either single or double-breasted style. It may have either a silk or satin notched or satin shawl lapel. Compared to the double-breasted one, single-breasted tuxedo is considered more formal.

The tuxedo is worn with midnight blue or black trousers with one black silk band down the outer seam. Pants are held up with braces or suspenders. Cuffs on formal trousers are unsuitable.

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