A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Prep

By | January 15, 2018

Birthdays are the most cherished days in every child’s life. As a parent you would also want to give your best support to make your little one’s birthday special. Idea of organizing a birthday party leads our thought popped with colorful dresses, floating balloons, cakes, candle, lightning, wall décor, masks and birthday caps. Balloons oriented party ideas are a decade old. Welcome to the world of theme party where you can hand over the task of decoration to your kids and their friends.

• Induce a theme

Engage the kids to induce a theme for the party and arrange the entire decoration rounded on it. When they ideate, prompt some common themes to unlock their imagination power. Choose some conventional themes as well as modern themes. Some children will crave for fantasy of fairy tales like Cinderella, snow white, beauty and the beast; Some will go for modern themes based on popular animation movies like Frozen, Up, Little mermaid.

• Plan the decoration

Suppose your kids choose to arrange the “Up” theme. It is a popular animation movie. So selecting this theme is very rare and add something new to the party attraction. First go through the movie to understand the theme clearly. Making a hand-scraped house of Ellie and curl will redouble the party attraction.

• Prepare the kids

According to the theme cast the characters of the tale among children. And see how many Ellies and Carls come out, or how many turns out to be Russel or Charles Muntz. Preparing their dress to make the best disguise will hold the charm long-lasting. Declare a surprise announcement for the winners of this disguise dressing and prize them with sweet goodie bags packed with toys. Amuse the winning children with hand-crafted crown as a reward of honor. Categorize them as Golden, silver and bronze crown. Include other parents to this party planning for preparing their comrades of this competition.

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