Bottle Service or Dance Floor?

After studying in Los Angeles for six months I got to see how the nightlife works over there. Many nightclubs focus on bottle service by having cubicles of couches and tables where you’ll have to book a table with bottles accompanied to enter the club.

Then there are few nightclubs that focus more on the dance floor. These are the clubs where you mainly come to dance and enjoy the music.

Maybe you’ve seen videos where bottle girls carry bottles up in the air with sparkling things on? This is bottle service in its essence. Making sure everybody in the club knows you paid for a table and getting everyone’s attention that you are popping bottles! Now this can be fun it’s like when being a kid and getting your birthday cake with candles on. Nightclubs found a way for you to be able to get the same feeling when you’re an adult, very smart!

I also went to one of the larger nightclubs on my last weekend in LA where they focus on the music meaning they had a big dance floor, an over the top sound system, a cooling system blasting CO2 and even a doorman you can pay a little bit extra to skip the line (unfortunately we realized this after 1.5 hours standing in line). That night they had booked one of the top international DJ’s that year, a DJ I’ve wanted to check out for years meaning I had a really good time.

Being a foreign student I really couldn’t afford any table neither did I know hot chicks to bring with me. So this was very limiting for me, but one night I got the chance to go to one of the exclusive clubs at the top of a hotel where the people I was with had a table and bottles. I had really fun but to think of it, it was kind of stiff as everyone trying to look hot and rich. The DJ was playing the top 40 tracks of the most popular genres, trying to please everyone. I was told he was not allowed to play to unknown or underground music. Which is something DJ’s often hear from club owners.

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