Break Dance Video Recommended For Beginners

Break Dance (better known as B-boying, B-girling or Breaking) is one of the four original elements of “Hip-hop”. Ever since the 1980’s, the dance became known as “Break Dancing” by the media and has been hugely popular ever since. Many Break Dance video documentaries, tutorials and movies have been produced over the years. Whether you’re already familiar or new to the art form, you’ll never ever stop learning and there are some amazing Break Dance videos that you must see.

As A Beginner, Which Break Dance Video Should You Watch?

If you’re a newcomer and don’t know where to begin, the best places to go to are Break Dance tutorial videos (which are available in DVDs and even, VHS). The videos that will help you out most when starting out, include titles such as “Breakdance Step-by-Step” (2005) and “Learn to Breakdance: Completely Street Instructional” (2006). These step-by-step videos are professionally produced and feature some of the top Break Dancers (or B-boys) in the world from the past and present.

In these tutorial videos, the instructors will teach you the basic fundamental moves of the dance. They wont just guide you each step of the way, they give you specific techniques and warm-ups to prevent you from getting injuries too. So when you get to more advanced moves, your body will be perfectly conditioned to take on more strenuous moves.

What Are The Component Of The Dance?

There are six basic components to the dance, all of which will be taught to you by these world-class B-boys. The components include top rock, drops, footwork, groundwork and crowd favorites – power moves and freezes.

1. Top rock – involves dancing while standing upright. There are a number of basic steps and hand movements involved. This component of the dance allows the dancers to connect with the music.

2. Drops – are the transitional moves from dancing on top to dancing down on the floor. There are many basic ways to execute a drop such as moves known as the “front sweep” or “knee drop”.

3. Footwork – requires the individual to dance in a crouched position with the hands and feet touching the floor. This is one of the core elements of the art form and is one where the individual can express their musicality.

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