Bullfighting: A Dance With Death

Despite most people’s impression of bullfighting as being unique to only the whitewashed villages of Ronda, in Andalusia, Malaga and Seville (though not villages, are also in Andalusia), are all truly great places to see a bullfight, along with Madrid.

Ronda is the original place where modern bullfighting began, thus the Ronda bullring is held in very high regard among aficionados. However Ronda tucked away in the mountains and its bullring is not that accessible for true, genuine bullfighting fans. There are very few bullfights actually staged in Ronda, perhaps to not only preserve Ronda’s status as the original and genuine home of bullfighting but also to not allow this quint little village to become another tourist trap.

Spain’s bullfighting roots can be traced to prehistoric bull worship and sacrifice. Many link bullfighting to Rome where many animal and even human events were held. Theories exist that bullfighting was introduced into Hispania by the Emperor Claudius, being a substitute for gladiators during a time when a short-lived ban on gladiatorial combat was enforced.

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