Cheating Husband Or Boyfriend

I get a lot of emails from wives or girlfriends who are concerned about their husband’s or boyfriend’s female coworkers. Often, the woman will notice that her man spends on awful lot of time talking about this other woman from work, so it would be reasonable to suspect that he also spends a lot of time thinking about her too.

Often, women have an undeniably intuition that something is wrong here. Sometimes, he also talks about or mentions other coworkers without you having any reaction at all, but the mention of her just feels off to you. There’s something different about the way he talks about her and about the way he looks when he’s doing it. He becomes more animated or involved and you can’t help but wonder just what is at play here. In short, alarm bells start to ring and you wonder if you’re just being paranoid or insecure or if his talking about this coworker as much as he does could be a warning sign that he’s having an affair with her. I’ll address this in the following article.

You’re Right To Be Concerned, Most People Cheat At Work: Before I go into the signs to look for, I have to tell you that’s it’s reasonable to be concerned. You may well be paranoid or insecure, but it’s a fact that most cheating and affairs happen with people met at work. This makes perfect sense because other than home, work is where most people spend their time.

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