Choosing Your Partner Dance Style

What style of dance is best for you? When many of us get into partner dancing, we just end up doing whatever it was that we came across. Maybe you walked into a studio down the road from where you lived, like I did, or maybe you just heard about a bar nearby that did salsa dancing and you thought you’d go to take a look. Maybe you always wanted to learn a certain type of dance because it looked good in the movies, and you wanted to look that, so you went out of your way to find lessons in that. In either case, if you stumbled into a style that suits you, then you were lucky. However, if you didn’t, then you might not be having such a great time right now with your partner dancing. In this article I will review a few different types of dance style so that you can better decide which one is best for you.

A note on finding the right style of couples dancing. There’s nothing harder to do than something that you really do not like. It is sometimes a wiser choice to choose something that you’re not naturally suited to, but enjoy enough to be prepared to put the extra effort into. So if it at the end of this article you think the style that suits you is different from the one that makes you happy, then go with your feelings. If you’re happy, then you will be able to put the extra effort in.

Do you want to learn lots, learn deeply or learn just enough?

What kind of learning do your prefer? If you like the idea of learning about a lot of different things, then ballroom is probably for you. It will typically include dances from Salsa to Jive to Waltz. If you want to learn deeply, then maybe you’re more suited to taking something specific like Argentinian tango. You can focus on that one dance and become incredibly good at it. Maybe however, you really don’t want to work too hard. In that case you might want to look at blues. It’s danced to popular western music and it’s more focused on the feel than the technique.

Do you like romance, like energy, looking for exercise or want to keep it easy?

If you want romance and sensuality, then you probably want to lean toward Latin dancing. Ballroom has a lot of romance at times, but it really doesn’t have that raw sexuality that you can get in the Latin dances. If you’re looking for energy and excitement, maybe losing weight, then you would lean toward swing. Street Latin is not a bad choice and the majority of Latin dances are pretty energetic too. If you’re not too energetic, then stick to the modern dances like waltz, foxtrot and English tango. The quickstep is quick for a modern, but it’s not really that fast. These dances are ideal for those of us who just aren’t keen on building fitness too much. Or if you just a well build man you might not like the idea of trying to keep up with other male dancers who look a lot like lean marathon runners.

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