Christmas Party Theme Ideas

Whilst Christmas itself is often enough of a theme for any seasonal party, having a different approach is a great way to break away from tradition and do something new, fun and interesting for your event. From the invitations through to costumes and fancy dress down to the music and food, your chosen theme can be carried on throughout the whole party planning process.

Disco 70’s themed Christmas party A 70’s inspired party is all about the clothes and the music, from the giant bell-bottom flairs to the Saturday Night Fever dance floor. Encourage guests with fancy dress ideas of disco platform shoes or knee high boots, loud colourful trousers with velvet, velour or hippy style fringed suede. Set up a mirrored disco ball above the dance floor and position lighting to reflect off the ball for maximum effect, strategically placing lava lamps in darker corners. For full authenticity, go for classic drinks of the era such as Martini, Chinzano or all time favourites like piña colada’s and tequila sunrise. It almost goes without saying, music is key to any disco themed party and Leo Sayer’s “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”, the Bee Gees “Night Fever” and Abba’s “Dancing Queen” should get guests on the dance floor.
Circus themed Christmas party Create the atmosphere and excitement of a circus with bright colours, streamers and bunting and continue the theme through to table decorations with red and white table cloths. If your room has enough space, a big top effect can be created with a canopy tent decorated with bold contrasting fabric, decorated with fairy lights. Enhance the effect by setting up and decorating tables as themed circus stalls for carnival themed food or hire popcorn and candyfloss machines to delight guests during the party. For true authentic entertainment, hire performers with unusual or circus related routines that will fit with the circus theme such as fire eaters, jugglers and clowns.
Cabaret themed Christmas party Capture the magic, glitz and glamour of cabaret with pearls, feathers and twinkling lights. Black and red fabrics, balloons and streamers are ideal decorations for a cabaret theme and can also be used on party invitations. Adorn tables with red glass platters and tableware for the food over black velvet table cloths. If cabaret acts, showgirls and live music are part of the plan for the Christmas party, a raised stage area would be ideal and will allow hired performers to be easily viewed by guests. Ladies costumes should include red and black corsets, skirts or dresses and stockings with feather boas for a nice touch while men can in black slacks and trouser braces.

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