Classic Animated Videos Still Top Those With Naked Female Bands and Airplane Dancers

cent music videos have attempted to bring back the creativity that once was so characteristic of that genre. Alas, they have been less than inspiring.

In Awolnation’s latest video, each member of a female band is completely naked. The song, called “Woman Woman,” is a tribute to the natural female, according to band leader Aaron Bruno. While a naked all female group might make for interesting viewing, the concept has already been done. Alanais Morrissette shot an entire video while undressed, when she made “Thank U” back in 1990.

The veteran band OK Go also have an interesting video in rotation on the Palladia channel’s Epic Awesome Videos. The film shows the band members dancing in zero gravity inside an airplane, turning somersaults and performing other stunts in rhythm to the song “Upside Down and Inside Out.”

Although it is certainly worth watching a few times, the video is far less creative than the one the band did almost twenty years ago. In “Here It Goes Again” from way back in 1999, the members of OK Go choreographed a dance while on treadmills in a local gym.

Perhaps the only way left to be creative in a music video in today’s world is via animation. That art form had much longer shelf life than videos that feature real people, whose current cutting-edge fashion will be old hat in just a few years.

Most of the videos that used animation decades ago still exude creativity, as this list will demonstrate. Here are the ten best animated music videos of the past.

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