Classic and Customized Shapes of Sky Dancers

Sky dancers are dancing inflatable that are a great way of advertising your product or service and can also be used in business events. The location is highlighted with this kind of air dancer with blowers promotion and attracts more people towards your event or product, helping it to stand out from the rest of the competition, promoting brand awareness. The air dancers can be customized with the business logo or any other lettering for promoting the company. They come with blowers or jet stream fans that are powerful motors that have uniquely designed fan blades, or they can be bought separately.


The blowers have locking wheels that can hold the unit in place while the air dancers are in operation and the unit can also be moved. It comes with a handle for ease of use and for carrying or it can also be rolled and pulled with a strap. Stabilizing poles are also provided in order to give protection in windy weather. These electric blowers are usually made of a plastic shell specifically made for inflatable products offering medium to high pressure. If you need any replacement accessories, such as a fan blade kit, which comes with complete instructions of how to install the replacement fan blade on the blowers or a replacement switch. You need to check out the blower specifications while purchasing, such as the speed and the power.

Shapes, Sizes and Colors

There are different classic shapes and sizes and you can also customize the shapes and colors or size according to your requirements. There are party dancers, such as snowman, witch, spider, cowboy, Santa; tubes, such as the classic tube, the hoopla, candy cane, custom flag, and shapes of Elvis, cowboys, baseball, disco man, a guitar dude and several others, available in different heights ranging from 10 feet to 45 feet. Some might require a single blower while others might require two fans for operation. You can purchase complete sets of air dancer with blowers or only the air dancer attachment. The attachments are usually compatible with all types of mount blowers, but some of them may not be usable in heavy rain or adverse weather conditions. You can customize the height and diameter of the attachment if you wish. When buying online, you can even buy the air dancer attachment alone. While buying it online, you can view the color and read other specifications of its compatibility with blowers.

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