Considering Latin Dance Classes? Five Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Signed Up

Let’s face it: after college it’s difficult to forge new social relationships. You go to work. You go home. If you have kids, you might become friends with the other kids’ parents, but then that’s all you have in common-kids. You need a pastime that’s far removed from little league soccer and the office softball team. Here are five reasons why Latin dance classes could be that pastime, and change your life for the better.

1. Get that pesky exercise out of the way.

A few crazies actually look forward to gym time. The other 99% of the population spends their time outside of the gym dreading the next workout (“What a waste of time!”). Latin dance classes are 60-90 minutes of (mostly) non-stop activity. You’ll mambo yourself ten pounds lighter in no time-without even realizing it!

2. Meet people… of all kinds.

There are few groups as culturally diverse as an adult dance class. Grandparents, students, couples, singles; everyone has their reason for signing up, but the one thing they all have in common? They choose not to spend their next 90 minutes at home living the humdrum life. They turned off the TV, put dinner in the fridge for later, got in the car and came to a Latin dance class. This alone makes them cooler than probably half the people you come across in your daily life and, by the same logic, probably better friends.

3. Be THAT person in your friend group.

Most social circles have that one person who does something seemingly extraordinary and gets everyone talking. Bob has a black belt in Karate. Sheila took classes to be a professional auctioneer. YOU could be THAT person, always referred to as “my friend who does Latin dancing.” Everyone loves that friend. They want to watch his Latin dance classes and buy him drinks after.

4. Save money.

In most cases, a six- or eight-week course costs the same as belonging to a gym for the same amount of time. Seriously, who joins a gym for just eight weeks? No one. You join a gym, go religiously for two weeks, and then keep paying for it forever-simply because you’re too embarrassed to call and cancel. What a waste of money! That’s money you could be spending on margaritas after class with your new Latin dance friends. Many dance studios even offer a free introd

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