Create a Dance Competition Checklist

Competition, nervous anticipation, and butterflies come hand in hand. You think about your performance, and also if you have packed everything you need. If you are prepared with a checklist ahead of time you can stop fretting about forgetting something and let your hard work and many hours of dance practice shine through. Being prepared will help you perform at your highest level. Moms, dancers, cheerleaders, and teachers have all weighed in as I compiled a list of must haves for performance weekends. These seven categories will guide you to ensure you don’t forget anything you need to make your experience the best you can at your next performance.

Makeup: Makeup is a crucial part of a dancer’s appearance. You’ll need to have the makeup to execute the look that your studio owner/director/ or cheer coach has planned. It is important that a dancer’s makeup to be water-resistant, highly pigmented, and long lasting.

Select the products you plan to use on your skin with care. On a performance day you are going to be wearing your makeup look for a long time. You certainly don’t want to end the weekend with your skin irritated or broken out. You should use hypo-allergenic/non-comedogenic, talc and paraben-free products that are as naturally derived as possible for the best results. Pack all of your application tools, such as foundation brushes and sponges, as well as your makeup brushes for lip, eye, blush, and brow to ensure a smooth application. If you are using JAM cosmetics, bring a small water dropper bottle with you. You can use it to turn your black eye shadow into a water-resistant, smudge-resistant eyeliner.

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