Create Your Own Wedding Slideshow With Movie

Let’s face it, the world of wedding-based entertainment is filled with a ton of options, some might actually say that there are too many. They range from DJs and bands to dance instructors and audio/video specialists. The only thing that seems to be consistent among these many options is their hefty prices.

In the last 5+ years, wedding budgets have begun to drop when it comes to your typical wedding. Income limitations or the current economic environment had made it difficult to realize the dream wedding outside of a reality show script. Because of this fact, brides and grooms have started realizing one important aspect of their special day: creativity. If they can’t book their favorite band, load in the perfect DJ or serve the fresh lobster, they have opted to add in certain style elements and personalization that have turned out not only making the event even that much more unique, but also keeping the overall costs well within reason.

One of the most debated aspects of your typical wedding is the dreaded wedding slideshow. Why do I call it dreaded? One word: boring. Nothing stops a party dead cold than the typical couples slideshow. A string of 100+ pictures of the bride and groom dating, traveling or frolicking. That’s right I said frolicking. Now there is definitely something to be said of the short string of childhood pictures towards the beginning These pictures usually border on entertaining, but they never end up lasting long enough. The main body of the presentation in one star wipe and one dissolve into another forcing that much needed extra trip to the bar by your average wedding guest. And we wonder why Aunt Sylvia is already two shots to the wind just minutes before the tossing of the bouquet.

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