How Dance Choreographers Become Famous

We’re all familiar with the idea of a sportsperson or singer or band exploding onto the scene and making a big impact. Dancers and choreographers tend to be more behind-the-scenes than a footballer or music artist but when a choreographer makes it big, it can have just as big an impact on the dancing community.

A choreographer’s role is to devise dance routines and sometimes entire dance performances for dancers to perform. They often get the opportunity to work with the best dancers in the business especially the top choreographers.

Every now and again a choreographer explodes onto the scene and makes an impact in a big way. Think Wade Robson. Of course with Wade his TV show ‘Wade Robson Project’ certainly helped and gave him more exposure than a choreographer would typically receive.

Usually the impact of a choreographer is not as big as Wade’s and is usually felt more in the dance community than the whole media in general. Another example would be someone like Marty Kudelka who was enjoying a growing reputation in dance studios in LA for his unique choreography style before being given his break assisting choreography for Janet Jackson’s ‘All For You’ world tour.

Many times leading up to their break, they’ll be enjoying a growing reputation like Marty to the point where it’s a case of sooner rather than later that the choreographer gets their big break.

Dancers and choreographers careers are generally built on reputation and go in upward spirals. They start off on small jobs then when they work their way up working with smaller music artists they can attract the attention of the big players.

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