Dance Dance Revolution Tips to Help You Learn to Enjoy the Game

By | December 13, 2017

f you are considering playing DDR, you might want to consider some Dance Dance Revolution tips. This is a game that looks easy when you are watching someone else play it. Stepping onto the mat thinking that it’s going to be a breeze would be a big mistake, and since this game also grades you, it could be quite discouraging as well. No one likes getting a bad grade, but this is something you will have to not worry so much about while getting use to the game.

Most of the dance steps in the DDR game are set to the main beat in the song and not the other parts. This means that you should listen for the drum beat and not the guitar melody. Listening for the drums and counting out the rhythm in your head could help out when trying to get some of the basic steps for the dances. Always listen to the music.

Also, try to remember to focus on the approaching arrows and not the arrows on the top of the screen. If you are focused on the top of the screen you could find yourself missing the next arrows that you didn’t see coming. Knowing where the next step will be is a good way of making sure you are prepared for it. You can do this by focusing your attention on the approaching arrows. This allows you that extra split second to shift your weight and make the next step when you need to.

Some of the advanced steps in the harder songs will be quick. You will need to concentrate pretty hard on the arrows and make sure to count the beat out in your head. This will keep you from getting confused and stepping too fast in anticipation of the arrows. Count and listen to the beat of the song to keep your steps on time.

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