Dance Instructors Can Help You Reap the Many Health Benefits of Dancing

Dance instructors are gifted with so much talent and zest for dancing that they cannot help but express their love for it. The good news is dance enthusiasts can reap a number of health benefits just by indulging in this creative activity. Dancing, for instance, is not only a great physical exercise but a wonderful way to relieve stress also.

The multiple benefits of dancing are well documented. Dancing can increase the serotonin levels which can reduce stress levels and minimize depression. It is a wonderful way to do physical exercise. It helps improve the cardiovascular system also. However, there is one little known fact about dancing which makes it truly beneficial – it makes you smarter.

Mental Benefits

Not all people know that dancing can make you smarter and less prone to dementia. This is the findings of a study conducted by Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. The result reveals that frequent dancing can stimulate one’s mind and prevent dementia such as the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s.

Certain activities whether physical or cognitive can influence mental acuity. Some activities can offer huge benefits while others do not. Cognitive activities which were part of the study include reading books, writing, answering crossword puzzles, playing cards and using musical instruments. Physical activities that were studied include swimming, walking, playing tennis, golfing, doing household chores and of course, dancing.

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