How To Dance Salsa With Elegance

By | January 13, 2018

Salsa dancing can be loosely described as a free form Latin ballroom dance style as there are many different ways to dance it elegantly with no one way better or worse than another. While ballroom dancing is often done to achieve a certain form of body movement and physical expression to music, salsa dancing is a little different as it thrives with its many different forms of expressions with the encouragement to find and create your own personal unique dance form.

Good salsa dancers let their unique personality emanates through their dancing. So if you are learning the salsa dance, never be afraid to bring your personality through and express it in your dance. In fact, you are encouraged to build your dance around it. After all, dancing is a performing art of self expression. So go ahead and express yourself and you will execute the dance as your very own.

In any dance form, certain moves will look better than others depending on your body type, your flexibility and your finesse. Therefore, do find out what moves and movements make you feel good and natural to your body type and then practice well to look elegant. Do not try moves that your body is not suitable for unless adequately supervised so as to prevent injuries.

Observe the good dancers you can resonate with and then emulate them. Study their moves, style, grace, flair and personality, and then add some of your own to create something that is uniquely you and your dance partner. As you learn and experiment with forms of excellent dancers, you will become a better dancer yourself with time.

As you start get more expressive on the dance floor, let your dance fashion clothing augment it too. For example, if you incorporate some hip hop style into your salsa dancing, then you can accentuate your dressing with inverted baseball caps and loose clothing and experiment with some hip hop-salsa hybrid dressings to add styles unique to your dance form. Dancing is all about expression and your clothing and fashion choice is part of that expression.

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