Dance Song For Wedding

A wedding is a time filled with rituals, fun and frolic. A wedding usually has a lot of rituals like taking the wedding vows, proposing toasts and making speeches that can make the atmosphere emotional. To keep the mood upbeat, there is lot of music and dancing to go with the food and wine.

After all the rituals and the speeches, the newly wed couple moves to the dance floor for their first dance together. This dance is a very special dance as it is their first step to get united in their life henceforth. Therefore, the song that is chosen to be played for this dance together is carefully selected by the couple, so that it has good lyrics to go with the mood and value adds meaning to their new life, yet at the same time, creating the right atmosphere to go with the wedding and with the theme the wedding is based on.

Usually, weddings are planned keeping some idea or theme in mind e.g.: church wedding, beach wedding, garden wedding, etc. When choosing the kind of music for the wedding, it is essential to remember and to pick appropriate music that goes with the theme. For instance, it will look very out of place if there is loud rock music at a church wedding or if jazz is played at an outdoor wedding.

The song selected for the first dance is generally a slow romantic number to go with the mood of the moment and to help create a feeling of togetherness. The first dance is only open to the just married couple to hog the limelight and if the song is properly selected then it adds up to the atmosphere.

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