Dance Features in a Dance Studio

One of the main features of a studio is a dance floor. The floor should be flexible enough to be able to absorb the stresses of dancers’ exercises. This is important so the dancers will not be injured while doing their routines. Another typical feature found in a studio is a barre. This is a handrail that is fixed to the wall. Ballet dancers often use this for rehearsing. Other dancers use barre for exercise purposes.

To ensure that the floor is safe, it must not be slippery. It must be made of wood or cork so it can readily absorb the shocks from rigorous exercises. Wires and cables that can cause the dancers to trip must be removed from the floor. Avoid putting any objects on the floor such as radio, bags and others. The place should be of normal body temperature – not too cold or too hot for the dancer. This will make doing the steps comfortable and easy for the dancers.

Another feature provided by a studio is a sound system. This is of course vital for a studio for dancers. Dancers need music to accompany their routines and exercises. Also, there is a particular kind of music for each type of dance being rehearsed. Salsa music often makes use of Latin beat.

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