The Dance Of Success: Top 7 Principles Learned About Passion, Propulsion & Performance in Business

Jerry Rice, former NFL receiver with the most touchdowns, said it was the hardest thing he has ever done. What is it? Competing on TV’s show “Dancing with the Stars” last year. “I worked more on dancing than when I played football.”

Dancing – one of my greatest life passions – has also been my greatest teacher. I have learned more about life and success from dancing, than any book, seminar or even business mentor. When I step out on a dance floor, my whole world changes. I transcend my everyday world of busy activities, demands and challenges to a place of timelessness … that defies words. It touches every fiber of my being.

This “wise teacher” has taught me how to:

o Achieve my goals and visions more effortless.

o Fill my days with a deeper sense of passion and joy.

o Increase my productivity and focus dramatically.

o Develop synergistic relationships resulting in more powerful win/win outcomes.

o Live what I call an “inspired life.”

Regardless whether you are a dancer or not, you too can experience the same powerful shifts. Below are 7 critical principles that can teach you how to transform your business journey and destination …beyond what you thought possible.

PRINCIPLE 1: MAGIC happens in the experience, not the outcome.

Last week, I went to a seminar by Robert Dilts, top NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) trainer, called “Demystifying the Wealth Factor.” Using the NLP tool of modeling with hundreds of entrepreneurs, he identified the top 7 critical factors of business success.

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