How to Dance the Waltz – Move Across That Dance Floor

The waltz is the dance most people think of where partners faced each other as they danced. As you may have seen, the waltz is all about gliding around on the dance floor with your partner with a gradual rise and fall.You need to balance each other through the movements to avoid hitting the floor.This slow dance often seen at receptions or ballroom has become famous with ‘Dancing With The Stars’ series. It may seem a difficult task, but the movements are slow, so learning how to dance the waltz is easy.

You can teach yourself and your partner with the easy self-guided lessons.You must understand that it is a slow progressive dance with long and continuous turns.One of the basic movements in Waltz is the Box Step. Then you have the Left Cross Box Step and the Right Cross Box Step.

Once you have had enough of the basic closed changes, you are ready for the intermediate and full bronze. Getting your basic steps right is the secret to becoming a good dancer. Some of them might need to relearn even the basic steps at advanced stages. So take your time.

The man leads and the lady follows, that is the key to the dance. So how do you hold your partner? You begin the waltz with a closed position where the man extends his left arm to hold lady’s right arm, while he puts his right hand beneath her left arm. The man’s right hand goes under the lady’s left arm and the lady’s left hand goes over his shoulder. She rests her left hand on his shoulder.

The dance is all about togetherness, so at any time, you can move just one feet backwards or sideways. You have to balance yourself, so both of you glide together in the same direction. All movements should be gentle push and pull using your bodies.

Remember, that your movements and your partner’s movements should be synchronized and match the pace of the music. . Try to feel the music with the dance, the emotions and steps will come naturally. Dance to the music, enjoy each other’s company as you glide your partner around the dance floor. With some practice, the elegant feel will come naturally to you.

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