Dancing, Chi and ADHD

After getting some work done that needed quiet, I headed to the kitchen for lunch with one quick detour to get some music started. I played side one of KD Lange and, nothing against KD Lange, her music is great. It’s just that Shadowlands wasn’t the upbeat tone I wanted to hear. So, instead of checking out side two, I put on Glen Frey. He knows how to rock! The first song was upbeat and fun reminding me of this thing about movement I’ve been wanting to share.

Almost any kind of dancing I’ve done, and happy to admit that includes disco, does a great job on the joints. What does that have to do with anything? It has to do with the ease that energy flows through your body. Chi or Qi, however you spell it, is the life force that flows through all of us. It’s a force that you can let stagnate or allow to flow smoothly, effortlessly. Which ever you choose, is completely related to the amount of energy and liveliness you feel. And, one of the prime places that Chi stagnates are joints.

I stayed away from formal settings that taught Chi related activity. The instructors I’ve experienced seemed anything but warm and fuzzy. Oddly what I’d expected to flow seemed rigid. Until recently. First, I tried not to personalize the leaders behavior. Then, I just relaxed. That’s always good! When this militaristic instructor said (after about 6 sessions) once we get the idea of moving Chi, we don’t have to stick with any particular movements. I was in shock, and thrilled to death. Yes, I am affected by what people say.

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