What Is the Difference Between Strippers and Lap Dancing?

If you are planning to hire entertainment for your stag party, you need to know the difference between strippers and lap dancing to make sure you make the right choice. Although many people see the two types of dancers as being interchangeable, there are important distinctions between a lap dancer and a stripper, the main one being is the contact that is allowed.

With strippers, clients are generally not allowed to touch the dancers other than to place money in their G-strings. When a stripper performs, her purpose is generally to tease her clients by slowly taking off their clothes, as in a burlesque routine.

In lap dancing, on the other hand, the dancer is usually in direct contact with the client, dancing on his lap in a suggestive way. The length of the dance is usually determined by the length of the song the lap dancer is performing to. The customer is usually seated during the lap dancing routine. However, as with a stripper, in a lap dance, clients are usually not allowed to touch.

The main difference between a stripper and a lap dancer is the lap dancer will make physical contact with the person they are dancing for, but the stripper usually won’t. In both cases you are not allowed to touch the girls, and they usually have minders standing by to make sure this rule is enforced.

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