Different Types of Long

By | September 28, 2017

The resulting confusion (indistinction) between a representation and what it represents must happen to all representations of something dependent on them by something independent from them. Indeed, the letter “a” does not depend on its visually represented verbal sound

, or a banknote on its monetary value. Likewise, an electronic account does not depend on its balance, nor a precious-metal amount on its buying power. Anything both dependent on its representation and represented by something independent from representing it becomes indistinguishable from that representation.

Additionally, only concrete objects can remain independent from what they represent. So letters (like “a”), banknotes, precious metals, or electronic accounts, even if just imagined, are all concrete objects. While conversely, all purely concrete, objective representations of money must remain indistinguishable from their monetary value, despite any such value and its representation being always respectively private and public.

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