Do the Hustle!

Remember John Travolta and the white suit? Wish you could be just as cool (or hot – up to you!)? Well, congratulations! You can be! All you need is a few basic steps, and perhaps a version of the white outfit in a fabric with less polyester.

Hustle, as a partner dance, has been around for a while now. It started out as a disco dance in the 70s, where people danced individually, without using a dance frame. But soon enough, Hustle turned into the partner dance we know and love today.

Hustle can be danced to a wide variety of music, and today’s pop and hip-hop music makes it very easy to do Hustle steps to it. All you really need is a steady beat, and you are good to go. And though Hustle can be very complicated, incorporating numerous tricks, drops, and lifts, basic Hustle is relatively easy to learn. This, of course, is a big reason for the dance’s popularity today.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not surprisingly at all, the Hustle is also very popular with the younger generation, who has discovered the dance relatively recently. The new way of dancing is a little faster, more upbeat than the traditional Hustle, but all the same steps and patterns still work, so if you remember anything about the dance from days long gone, you are in a good position. And don’t worry about not remembering everything clearly – it’s like riding a bike! Once your body has learned something, it is easy for it to learn it again.

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