Favorite Songs and Artists

I like the opening synthesizer sounds on this song. I also like the robotic sounding vocals on this song. Lyric sample: “There’s a party in the house and we’ll be rockin’ tonight, so bring your body with you baby and I’ll make you feel right.” More lyrics: “Freestyle’s rockin’ in the house tonight, move your body from left to right.”

Pajama Party was a musical group consisting of three females. Yo No Se means “I don’t know” in Spanish. I love the vocals on this song. Lyrics sample: “When you dance that way, when you dance that way I feel the rhythm in my soul. When your body sways, when your body sways so close to me I lose control. When you do what you do to me, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. When you do what you do to me, I don’t know what is going on.”

Again, I mainly love the strong vocals in this song. Lyrics sample: “It was 6:15 and the man of my dreams called and asked me out tonight, and I said it would be all right. So we set up a date to go dining at eight and I said to him that would be fine. All night, all night. Wanting you, needing, loving you, you know I love you.”

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