Finding Bachelorette Party Supplies to Set the Right Mood

By | December 12, 2017

Yes, the bridal party’s most important task is to support the bride at her wedding, but there are some other fun tasks the bridesmaids need to get right – like the bachelorette party!

As a bridesmaid, your first decision is where you are staging the party. You can:

· Host an in-home party. It’s certainly an affordable option and may be the right decision for your bride. If this is what she prefers, you need to bring the party into the home with decorations, games and funwear.

· Hit the town. Go all out and reserve a limo for the evening – or get a designated drive to take you ladies on the town.

· A combination of both. Start the fun at home, put on some funwear, and then take the show on the road.


Funwear is anything you put on that identifies the bride and the occasion. For example, have a “Bride to Be” party sash and tiara for your guest of honor. This tells the world what your group is celebrating and identifies the guest of honor. It lets everyone join in the celebration. Don’t be surprised if people want to toast to the occasion.

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