Five Shocking Signs a Girl Likes You

Sometimes, the most obvious signs aren’t really signs. Being rejected doesn’t mean you’ve lost, or being told off doesn’t mean you have to give up the battle. Below are some of the most subtle signs girls make when they like a guy, that you won’t be able to detect that easily. Learn these five shocking signs a girl likes you, and what moves you should do next:

She tells you she doesn’t. There is a pattern on this: you tell her she likes you, she said she just wants to be friends, and you say it’s cool, you stop communicating and then she suddenly wants to hangout more often. Well the reason is obvious: she wants to know if you’ll act all needy when she rejects you. And when you don’t that’s where she’s going to realize she really does like you.
She plays hard to get. Girls want to be treated with high value and with some level of importance, that’s why when she becomes a little scarce for your attention, or is often unavailable (but still keeps in touch by the way), she wants to find out how long you’ll going to go for her. They don’t want to be viewed as easy-to-get.

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